How Good Website Design Helps Businesses

According to a study by Ecommerce Foundation, 88% of consumers go online to research products before purchasing. This buying behaviour shows just how valuable a content-rich and well-designed website can be for small businesses.

If you plan to reach more customers online or establish a better virtual presence for your brand, having an attractive and functional business website is necessary. In this article, we’ll talk about the positive impact of an engaging and clean web design on your business. 

Builds and Boosts Trust

Customers can judge your company’s integrity based on how your website looks. Creating a trendy, professional, and clean web design generally promotes trust among consumers. Using a website with old visual elements that look and feel outdated can cause users to doubt your company’s credibility. 

Design consistency is also another factor that can help boost consumer trust. If you already have a popular brand or a known logo, incorporating it into your website design lets your customers know that they are in the right place.

When crafting a website, make sure that the outlines, fonts, colours, and other design elements are consistent throughout the pages of your site. It should make your website look attractive to both new and old customers.

Provides a Good First Impression

Potential customers are more likely to discover you first online than your physical store. That means your customers will base their first impression of your company on your site. Consumers can form a positive or negative opinion of your business in just a few seconds of looking at your website.

That’s why it’s important to invest in how your website looks at first glance. An outdated, slow, and unattractive website can set a bad first impression, which could drive potential customers to your competitor’s site instead.

Work with your web designer and create a business website that offers:

  • User-friendly web pages
  • Appealing visual elements
  • Responsive design and functionality
  • Fast loading times

Helps with Online Marketing and Advertising

For many businesses, marketing their products and services is crucial in achieving success. However, traditional marketing campaigns can be a little expensive. Compared to traditional television ads, posters, and billboards, investing in web design is cheaper. 

By having a well-designed professional website, you are provided with an online platform to market your products and services. Through your website, you can easily share and promote the following:

  • Products or services offered
  • Store locations
  • Contact details
  • Testimonials and reviews 

Having a website also allows your marketing team to promote discounts or advertise new products almost instantly. Loyal customers can even help you market your products and services by sharing the link to your website on their social media pages. 

Assists with Search Engine Optimization

If one of your goals is to establish a remarkable online presence, having a solid SEO strategy will help immensely. A clear and accessible website is an important component of any SEO strategy.

A good web design can have a major effect on how search engines will index your site and how likely your web pages will show up in search results. With countless websites vying for attention online, being on top of search results will help your business reach more potential customers.

Make use of SEO-friendly web designs and techniques to enhance the visibility of your web pages. Having a mobile-friendly website can also affect your SEO rankings. In 2020, 68% of all website visits were done through mobile devices. That means having a mobile-friendly web design is a must.

Helps Improve Conversation Rates

Having a good website design gives you power over your customer’s eyes. That means you’ll be able to lead them to where you want them to check. You can design your website to help direct traffic to promotions, special offer pages, and calls to action. 

For example, you can design your website to open with a video player that plays advertisements about a new product or an ongoing sale. Website visitors can click on this video and immediately be directed to a product page, where they can make a purchase. 

Depending on the quality and accessibility of your web design, it’s possible to get a higher conversation rate. Smartphones also have 64% higher conversion rates compared to desktops. That means you can drastically improve your conversion rate simply by having a mobile-friendly website.

Invest in a Good Web Design

In today’s hyperconnected world, your website design can mean the difference between failure or success. It can easily influence how new and old customers view your brand. If you want to stay ahead of the competition or keep up with the ever-changing landscape of your industry, invest in high-quality website design.  
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