What Makes a Website Design Great?

These days, anyone can make a website, but not everyone has an effective one. There are many factors you need to consider when it comes to building a good site. The process involves different key factors, including copywriting, strategic layouts, purposeful content and branding.

Here are some notes for creating a website with a design that engages and converts your visitors.

Made with Intention

Each page should have a clear purpose and goal. Is this page meant to answer common questions from your customers? Are you aiming to entertain or inform your visitors with blog articles? Regardless of what you decide, all successful websites should:

  • Generate leads
  • Fortify your online presence
  • Improve your reputation
  • Make your products and/or expertise clear to your visitors
  • Convert hits into sales
  • Provide aftercare to your customers and clients

Prioritize Cohesiveness and Consistency

When people visit your website, it should be clear where they can find specific information, like the products or services you offer. This means avoiding cramming every design and effect into your pages. Instead, keep things simple but functional.

Get creative and use the following elements to optimize your pages in every way possible.


Construct a colour palette that accurately reflects your brand and apply it throughout all your online and offline platforms. Through colour usage, you can powerfully communicate your message and elicit responses.

When choosing a palette, keep a maximum of five colours and opt for complementary colours.


Fonts play a crucial role not only in your website but your overall brand voice. Typography allows your customers to get an idea of your brand at a glance. For instance, rounded fonts come off as friendly, and serif fonts are more formal.

So, you need to pick fonts that align with your brand. Keep in mind, too, to pick a maximum of three fonts for the head, subheading, and body that are eye-catching and easy to read.


Keep your site interesting by having a balance of text and visuals. You can utilize all forms of graphics, including photography, illustration, and video. People are visual creatures, too, so their first impression and initial information they get is visual when they land on your home page.

Think of the Loading Time

This tip ties in with keeping your website simple, functional and cohesive. Too many elements on your website, such as heavy images and videos, can affect your page’s loading time.

If a website takes too long to load, visitors will tend to close the tab and move on. Almost half of the internet users expect a website to load within two seconds or less. If it takes 3 or more seconds, they’re more inclined to leave.

Because of this, optimizing an image is important. This way, your website showcases clear images while ensuring that the page loads faster.

Utilizing F-Shaped

A reader’s natural reading pattern goes in the shape of an “F.” Eye-tracking studies reveal that people typically scan from left to right and top to bottom. An effective website design utilizes the F-based reading pattern to ensure a seamless experience for your visitors.

Make Your Site Adaptable

People are logging in from various devices with different specs, with more than 80% of them using their mobile devices to surf the web. Regardless of what device they use, you should still provide a flawless and accessible experience to your visitors.

A mobile-friendly website design also increases your sales conversion rate because of the convenience. In the long run, it also creates long-term customer loyalty and retention, so make sure to invest early.

Search Engine Optimization

A good website is nothing if people can’t find you. That’s why it’s important to make sure your website is SEO-friendly.

SEO is increasing your ranking on search engines through keywords, making you more visible to users. Better visibility means more traffic, meaning your products and services can be offered to more people.

Create a Successful Website Today

Make sure your brand has a great website from a trusted web design agency from Sydney. With the help of digital marketing professionals, you can focus on operations and grab every business opportunity that comes your way. Contact ZipZipe today and get a free strategy recommendation.

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