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The Challenge

Creating a brand from the ground up is a daunting yet exciting task. This was exactly the case when we helped create Cosoosoo, a brand new clothing company that specialises in women’s clothing and inner wear. Starting from scratch, we got to work to create a brand that exuded the same confidence and assurance as their shapewear products.

The Solution

To help Cosoosoo get off the ground, we focused on three things: creating a brand voice and style, crafting a modern website with newly produced photos and video content, and finally setting up a new Instagram account filled with creative content.


We began by creating a brand style that embodied confidence and elegance. This included designing a new logo and typography, and selecting an appropriate colour scheme. We also created slogans and copy that delivered Cosoosoo’s message: ‘clothing made to build confidence’.

Once a brand style was established, we moved onto building a modern eCommerce website for Cosoosoo with a focus on UX and responsive design. We also shot brand new photo and video content with professional photographers and established models to use in our website.

Finally, we got a start on establishing Cosoosoo’s presence on social media with a fully planned Instagram account, complete with content, captions and hashtags.

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