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Trying to sell your property? Well, you’ll need to have some photos taken of it for your listing, including the interior. For many people, the vision of their home and living spaces within it could look like is the number one key selling point, triggering strong emotions that make them want to buy that property. And that’s where property stylists come in, adding decor for images that get the imaginations of potential buyers going with the possibilities of what could be.

The Challenge

When Clover Property Styling approached us, their business and clientele acquisition was purely from word of mouth, with no website to be seen. And with no foundation, the client was confused about the strategy and direction of their website that would be the basis to grow their business. From appealing to a wider audience, to SEO campaigns, and even a social media presence, the client wanted more channels for exposure and awareness but needed a website that was a proper reflection of their services and what they could achieve for property owners.

The Solution

In order to translate the emotions that her styling gave to people looking at property images, we first came up with a clear style base to build from. For this, we collaborated with the client and decided to take inspiration from the Hamptons interior style, with its coastal influences that gave off a fun holiday-like vibe that was airy, light and elegant all at the same time. The light and washed-out toned colour palette for their website gave off the same serenity, character and charm that the client’s property styling also gave to images that were to be used for listings.


Next, we had to fill her website with example images of the property styling services. We found that it was best to use a mix of her existing styling photos with some that were tailored to what we needed for the site. For the tailored images, our creative design team organised a photo shoot of a property using photography guidelines we had made along with our client’s stunning interior styling.


With the visuals done, the final challenge was the site’s strategy and copywriting. For this, we made the service scope of the business clear and transparent, being specific and to the point in order to not distract viewers from the visual aspects that are ultimately the key reason to use their service. The layout of the site took website viewers through a journey of visuals and information in a clear and logical way, leading them to end with the simple and easy contact form.

The Result

The launch of the client’s new website created a new beginning for them, with a resource for potential clients to check out and be convinced by. The creativity shown in the website created the same feel-good emotions that the client would create through her property styling services. They also now had a foundation to build any SEO campaigns or social media campaigns to continue growing their business. And without knowing them personally, clients also now had a channel to discover their services and then contact them in an easy way, greatly increasing the number of leads the client receives on a regular basis.

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