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The Challenge

When your business caters to a smaller niche, it can be tough to use SEO to find new customers. Niche keywords are hard to find or don’t attract high quality traffic. This was the challenge presented to us by a local car accessories business specialising in installing new body kits, stereo systems and decals on high-end luxury vehicles. They came to us looking for an SEO campaign that would generate high traffic and conversions for their business.


The Solution

The very first task we did for this client was a full SEO audit of their business. This revealed to us one glaring issue: their website was not up to SEO standard. A poorly running website will not be ranked highly on search engine result pages (SERPs).

With that problem identified, our web designers went to work creating a slick, new website that matched the high-end vehicles they work on. We improved the overall UX, ensured speedy loading times, and troubleshooted any bugs and errors. Now that the website looked and drove like a luxury car, it was ready for some SEO-driven content.

Our SEO team used our tools to conduct research and identify high performing keywords. Because their service was rather niche, we used broad, long tail keywords to target people who were specifically looking for information specific to their service. We incorporated these keywords into the copy of their new website, including product descriptions, title tags and meta descriptions. 

We also implemented an SEO blog strategy, where our content writers regularly created informative blogs on relevant topics that incorporated our researched keywords and authoritative backlinks. With the blogs, our writers took an unorthodox approach, educating readers through long-form content which made readers think that it would ‘be easier for someone else to do it’, generating link clicks and traffic to our clients’ service pages.

The Results

With a brand new website and high-performing SEO content, our client quickly saw their SERPs ranking rise on Google. Organic traffic rose by over 5380% and an increase of over 1302% in organic keywords ranked in the top 100 of SERPs – all in the space of 16 months.

What’s Next?

We continue to monitor their entire SEO campaign and make sure to point out areas of improvement and implement strategies to ensure that our client continually saw traffic to their website. We also make sure we keep an eye on their competitors and capitalise on any opportunities to steal some of their customers.

Wrap Up

We had a blast helping our client and seeing them attract new customers and make more conversions – we never get tired of it! We can do the same for your business. Get in touch with our team and discover how we can attract incredible amounts of traffic to your website today!

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