Your one-stop shop for
all things cats and dogs


  Your one-stop shop for all things cats and dogs


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For Supermarcat, pets means the world to them, they offer the highest quality products for pets because of their love and care for them. Friendly and passionate is Supermarcat’s most essential characteristic they possess. We are here to help them expand and magnify these elements. The overall website design retains a playful identity, highlighted by the adorable illustrations drawn by our designers as well as the irresistibly cute images of cats and dogs that run around the whole website. Pastel colours and soft shapes were used to develop a welcoming tone of voice which allows the audience to understand that Supermarcat will be a formidable choice for all their pet needs.

As well as website design, being able to let Supermarcat stay on top of their social media aspect was also part of our job. Undertaking weekly organic posting for social media platforms as well as producing advertisements that reach multiple platforms such as Google, Facebook and Instagram. With all of them serving one particular goal which is to drive more customer leads and allows for sales improvement.

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