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The Challenge

RL Education is all about bringing the best out of every individual, regardless of their capabilities. They wanted to communicate this message with a brand new website that epitomised excellence and tailored learning – a task that our team of web designers were more than happy to take on.

The Solution

At the end of numerous meetings with RL Education, we decided on a simple yet visually appealing redesign, with gold and green colour schemes and an easy reading experience. This was chosen to highlight RL Education’s premium tutoring service while delivering information about their programs and classes that was easily understood by both students and parents.

With graphics and copy approved, we installed the website and optimised it to ensure that it ran smoothly across all devices.

Apart from designing and installing their new website, we also showed RL Education how to manage it on their end. With rotating class schedules and new curriculums, RL Education’s website required constant updating. We provided informative workshops and easy to follow video tutorials to demonstrate how they could easily update and change content.

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