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Delivering a lead generation campaign that attracts and converts at the highest level.

Case Study Overview

Case Study Snapshot

  • DropshipOnly is an Australian wholesaler offering a wide range of different goods at wholesale prices for their members.
  • As a relatively new business, they came to us to help them to reach out to new customers and help them build their member base.
  • We create a brand new website with refreshed landing pages and a comprehensive lead generation campaign on Google Ads to direct customers to these new pages.
  • This campaign worked to great success, attracting hundreds of unique leads a month for the business.
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The Challenge

A mission to quickly grow a wholesaler’s customer database.

Wholesale dropship company, DropshipOnly, approached us with the goal of attracting more sign-ups for their service. They specifically asked to create a website that could showcase their entire product catalogue while also creating a paid google ads campaign to collect sign-ups. Our team went to work to construct a powerful site and lead generation campaign that both converted and functioned at the highest level.

The Solution

01. Web design

Creating the cornerstone for a successful lead generation campaign.

Our lead generation campaign required a functioning website for customers to land on once they’ve engaged with it.

The keys to an effective wholesaler website is to make it easy for visitors to navigate and ensure it functions properly. With that in mind, we put great emphasis on user experience and an optimised back-end.

When it came to wireframing, our web design team created a design specifically made for a smooth user experience. This included clear headings and typography, bold call-to-action buttons and arranging sections so information flowed naturally and would ultimately guide visitors to DropshipOnly’s sign-up pages.

To ensure that the website worked perfectly 24/7, our programmers ran multiple optimisation tests to ensure that the site was free from errors and bugs. We also took steps to guarantee strong functionality and performance on both desktop and mobile devices.

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02. PPC Management

Developing a laser-targeted campaign to attract as many high quality leads as possible.

Once a landing page was set up, we went to work creating a Google Ads campaign designed to collect potential customers and their details. The campaign was created to directly target Australians with specific interests and occupations such as ‘entrepreneurs’ and ‘business owners’.

The copy used was written to persuade users and heavy emphasis was placed on making the form as easy to fill out as possible. The less trouble for users, the better chance of them submitting their details!

We then used multiple ad variations, this allowed us to test different images or messages to determine which of our ads attracted the most leads.

This optimisation was conducted over the entirety of the campaign, and it’s this ongoing optimisation that allowed us to attract a hundred leads a month. Every lead came at an average cost-per-result of $9.80, significantly cost-effective for DropshipOnly and their goals.

We also created a blog page on their website and filled it with SEO content that provided value to both readers and search engines. Each blog post was thoroughly researched beforehand, ensuring target keywords were viable and appropriately incorporated within the body of each post.

Case Study Wrap Up

High-performing lead generation campaigns on full display.

The lead generation campaign we created for DropshipOnly garnered hundreds of leads a month with a cost per acquisition of $9.80, a fantastic result for our client. Our commitment to ongoing optimisations – in all of our digital marketing campaigns – was one of the biggest reasons for our success.

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