Responsive Web Design: How to Create a Website That Attracts Customers

Around 88% of online consumers are less likely to visit a website after they’ve had a bad experience with it. Taking your website for granted may cause you to miss out on potential customers.

Having a functional and attractive business website is the advantage you need to succeed. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the most essential web design elements every business website must have to attract more visitors and customers.

Keep it simple and easy to navigate.

When creating a website, you must always keep visitors or customers in mind. Having a cluttered website with too many graphics, texts, and buttons may overwhelm visitors or scare them away.

Keep the overall web design simple and clean, with a layout that helps visitors find the product or information they are looking for. Consider having a minimalist design that’s free of unnecessary sliders, pop-up windows, and large image banners, which can slow down your site’s loading time.

Consider the following suggestions when designing your website:

Keep your site’s overall design, colour theme, and aesthetic uniform to make it look presentable.

Integrate your company’s official logo, colours, and art into the website. It helps consumers easily associate the website with your company’s branding.

Divide your pages into a handful of categories like Home, Shop, Services, About, and Contact Us. This allows users to easily navigate your website according to their needs and goals.

Ensure that your website loads quickly. Refrain from adding too many images, video players, and widgets on your pages since they are known to affect loading speed.

Make it mobile-friendly.

Over 55.4% of online users use mobile devices to purchase products online. If your website isn’t designed to be accessible to smartphone and tablet users, you may be missing out on a huge chunk of the market.

When creating a website, make sure that it is mobile-responsive. That means the site’s look and feel adapt to whatever device is used to access it. Mobile browsing will continue to grow, and creating a mobile-friendly website ensures that you are not losing potential sales.

Integrate Compelling Calls-to-Action

Calls-to-action (CTAs) are what you use to tell users what you want them to do next. It can be in the form of a button, a hyperlink, or an image that takes a user to a specific page. For example, a button that says “Join Today” should take a visitor to a page where they can sign up to be part of a group or program.

A well-placed CTA makes it easy for your user to move around your website. This is extremely helpful in preventing users from moving out of the site and into the competitor’s website. You can also utilize CTAs to leverage people’s “fear of missing out” by posting links or images about discounts and limited offers.

Place CTAs in strategic places on your website to increase conversion and boost click-through rates. Determining where CTAs should be placed may require a little trial and error.

Most web design agencies use A/B testing to determine the best placement locations. Some monitor their site’s traffic over time and adjust as needed. Either way, using CTAs is effective in attracting users and converting them to paying customers.

Content is King

Having engaging and compelling content is an essential part of good web design. Your site’s content reflects who you are as a company and what your brand is all about. On-page content should be able to speak the language of your target market but be convenient enough for others to understand your brand.

Choose the right company logo and tagline to properly introduce who you are.

When it comes to most of the content, less is more. Your site must have enough content to hook users into engaging with your site but not too much to drown them in unnecessary information.

Invest in persuasive copywriting and blogs. These provide great value to your website and increase the likelihood of visitors clicking your CTAs.

Your website’s text must be easy to read, concise, and informative. Walls of texts can be intimidating for users who simply want to know one specific product or service.

Content also plays an important role in search engine optimization (SEO). Posting SEO-friendly content can increase your chances of ranking higher in the search results. It’s essential when you’re trying to attract new customers.

When it comes to responsive web design, there are no strict rules to follow or a one-size-fits-all template. It’s all about trial and error.

Prioritizing the ones on this list is already an excellent way to help you stay ahead of your online competitors. If you want to fully optimize your site to attract more customers, work with reliable web design professionals.

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