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Intensive Keyword Research

Our dedicated SEO team takes on the time-consuming but incredibly important task of keyword research. We comb through thousands of potential keywords and employ a number of metrics including keyword difficulty and search volume to find the keywords that will boost your website’s domain rating and search rankings.


Competitor Research

We take a look over the fence and see what your competitors are up to. What are they doing well? What are they neglecting? What can we take advantage of? This gives us a world of insight and will give us the leg up on our own SEO efforts.


Charming Content

What do all the top ranking websites have in common? Compelling, authoritative content. Our top creatives ensure that the content we push out is well-written, easily accessible and provides the answers that people are searching for.


Comprehensive Link Building

Backlinks tell Google that you know what you’re talking about and that your website should be on top of the search results. Our team takes the difficulty out of backlink building, reaching out to others and making sure your content is share-worthy.


Technical SEO

Your actual website pages need as much love as the content it’s showing so we make sure they are optimised and easily read by search engines. We take care of your website’s overall structure and functionality; improving load times, fixing meta descriptions and ensuring mobile compatibility.


Tracking & Reports

SEO is like weightlifting – you don’t see results overnight. That’s why our team keeps an observant eye on your SEO efforts over the course of the campaign; taking note of any changes, adjusting accordingly and providing you with reports that you actually understand.


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Let’s Start Growing Your Business

Let’s Start Growing Your Business

— FAQ about SEO


How long before I see results?

When you do SEO, you’re in it for the long haul. This means that results don’t happen overnight, instead they slowly happen after a period of time. Most search engines take time to update your site’s rankings – you’ll probably see your first results after 3-6 months. SEO rewards patience – the most significant results will usually happen after 12 months but the organic results you experience will be worth it.

How do I know if the SEO is working?

We take a look at your organic traffic and conversions at different points of the campaign and make note of any increases. We also measure your website’s domain rating and search engine results.

How many keywords can we target?

Our capabilities are dependent on the SEO budget you give us. But don’t worry, we won’t blow that budget on just any random keywords. Our team makes sure that we target the right keywords that will attract the most traffic and garner the most searches.

How are SEO and PPC different?

If playing the SEO game means playing the long game, then PPC is the in-your-face, quick result equivalent. SEO focuses on optimising your website and building authority and trust to help rank you higher on search engine results. PPC on the other hand, brings you instant traffic, leads and conversions by creating targeted ads which cost you per click.

Asking us which one you should use won’t get you a straightforward answer. Each one has its strengths and weaknesses and there are situations where you would favour one over the other. Don’t worry though, we’ll help you figure out which to use and if you need both SEO and PPC for your business.

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