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Innovative SEO and ongoing growth for a cosmetic clinic.

Case Study Overview

Case Study Snapshot

  • Northern Beaches Clinic provides safe cosmetic procedures to consumers in the Northern Sydney area. Their services range from liposuction and fillers to laser treatments.
  • They came to us looking to strengthen their brand positioning amongst hundreds of competitors in Sydney. They also asked us to help them gain extra visibility on search engines.
  • We utilised local SEO to help get more eyes on to Northern Beaches Clinics, increasing the amount of organic traffic to their site by almost 260%.
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The Challenge

How to make your business stand out in your local area.

There are hundreds upon hundreds of beauty and cosmetic clinics in Sydney. So what can you do to maximise the amount of traffic that comes through the doors of your own clinic? This is the exact question posed to us by our beauty clinic client. We knew that a strong local SEO strategy was the answer and was the key to attracting long-term customers for our client.

The Solution

01. SEO

Turning Northern Beaches Clinic in to the premier cosmetic solution ‘near me’.

Local SEO is an incredibly powerful tool. 72% of people that do a local search engage with a business within 5 minutes! To help build our client’s SEO we simultaneously implemented two distinct strategies: SEO content writing and technical SEO.


We implemented a blog page on our client’s website and our team of SEO content writers packed it with well-written, relevant content. Every blog post written revolved around a target keyword, each poised to rank highly on Google search engine result pages. The blogs all possessed title tags, meta descriptions and alt texts to further strengthen its SEO.

In addition to our SEO blog strategy, we also optimised their current website to make sure that it ran quickly and smoothly. Website performance is a big factor in determining a site’s rank on SERPS, so we took extra steps to reduce page load time, remove bugs and errors and all web elements (such as images and buttons) were functioning properly.

Thanks to our efforts, our client has consistently seen steady traffic growth for the past 2+ years. Over this time period, our client experienced an organic traffic increase of 259% and an increase of 166% for organic keywords ranked in the top 100.

Organic traffic and organic keywords. Source: AHrefs

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Case Study Wrap Up

A case study that showcases the full power of Local SEO.

With ongoing SEO content creation and publishing, our team has continued to provide a comprehensive SEO solution for our client and the great results are only expected to continue. Experience the same traffic growth by getting in touch with our team today.

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