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—About Email Marketing

How We Make You an Inbox Mainstay


Setup Your Goals

Like all good marketing strategies, our email marketing campaigns start with defining your audience and establishing your goals. We figure out what your ideal audience looks like, segment them accordingly and begin to brainstorm with their customer profiles in mind.


Build an Email List

Your emails need to go to someone, right? Building a solid email list is difficult but our email experts relish in the task. We’ll utilise both lead magnets and opt-in forms to create a database of recipients who will receive your future emails and in turn become leads and conversions for your business.


Emails that get Read

The backbone of an effective email campaign are emails that actually get read. Our team of designers and writers create visually appealing emails and write compelling copy which communicates your messages and offers to your audience.


Continuous Testing

Testing once or twice isn’t enough, our team tests all the time. We use A/B testing to see which subject lines get the most opens, which time of the day is the most effective and which type of email design gets the most click-throughs. You can rest assured that we’re always tweaking your campaign for maximum results.


Automated Follow-ups

Email automation can be a complex beast but our use of industry-leading software combined with our email expertise makes it simple. You can automatically send personalised emails to your audience, based on their past behaviour and activity, which will increase click rates and conversions.


Actionable Reports

Data, numbers, graphs, metrics – it’s messy but we love it all. We take the most important and useful pieces of information and compile it all in a report which you can use to take your email marketing strategy a step further.

— Our approach

3 Steps to Email Marketing Success



First things first, we analyse your current marketing landscape to determine the best way to create a successful email marketing campaign. We consider your audience, set realistic goals and agree upon budgets.



Once we have a strategy in place, our team moves to bring the campaign to life. Email designs are created, the copy is written, email lists are built and segmented, and testing and automation are put into motion.



Email marketing has remained one of the most successful marketing strategies for a reason. When done properly (and it will be!) you’ll start seeing increases in leads, conversions and revenue.


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Let’s Start Growing Your Business

Let’s Start Growing Your Business

— FAQ about EDM


Are email marketing campaigns actually profitable?

Yes! There’s a reason why email marketing is still widely used to this day, despite the introduction of social media and PPC marketing. Email marketing builds upon your audience’s trust and converts them into buying customers. When done well,  email marketing can produce outstanding results.

What is an automated email?

Automated emails are messages that are sent out automatically by an email service provider. The automation is based on a user’s behaviour and actions (or inactions). They’re a great tool as they take the tedium out of manually sending emails.

How do you measure success?

The success of our email marketing campaign is based on the goals you have set, but we mainly measure the number of new subscribers, the increase in open and click-through rates, as well as conversions.

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