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Our email marketing strategy employs the use of the latest software and the most up-to-date automated systems to create and deliver emails that your target audience will open, read and click.

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Email Newsletters​

Ideal for eCommerce businesses, our creative newsletters inform your audience of anything and everything about your business including promotions, news and special offers.


Lead Generation

Attract qualified leads and potential new customers with a range of easy yet effective lead generation strategies such as eBooks, free trials and exclusive offers.

What you get What you get What you get What you get What you get What you get

What you get with our email marketing service

Like all good marketing strategies, our email marketing campaigns start with defining your audience and establishing your goals. We figure out what your ideal audience looks like, segment them accordingly and begin to brainstorm with their customer profiles in mind.

Your emails need to go to someone, right? Building a solid email list is difficult but our email experts relish in the task. We’ll utilise both lead magnets and opt-in forms to create a database of recipients who will receive your future emails and in turn become leads and conversions for your business.

The backbone of an effective email campaign are emails that actually get read. Our team of designers and writers create visually appealing emails and write compelling copy which communicates your messages and offers to your audience.

Testing once or twice isn’t enough, our team tests all the time. We use A/B testing to see which subject lines get the most opens, which time of the day is the most effective and which type of email design gets the most click-throughs. You can rest assured that we’re always tweaking your campaign for maximum results.

Email automation can be a complex beast but our use of industry-leading software combined with our email expertise makes it simple. You can automatically send personalised emails to your audience, based on their past behaviour and activity, which will increase click rates and conversions.

Data, numbers, graphs, metrics – it’s messy but we love it all. We take the most important and useful pieces of information and compile it all in a report which you can use to take your email marketing strategy a step further.

How it works

1. Sign Up

Choose your monthly plan based on your goals, objectives and budget. Need some help picking one? Simply get in touch with us for a free consultation!

2. Planning

You’ll work with your dedicated campaign manager to plan your email marketing strategy. We’ll conduct audits and competitor research to create a game plan that will net you the most ROI.

3. Launch

We put our plans into motion and kickoff your email marketing strategy. We’ll also send you reports on a regular basis so you can see your campaign’s performance for yourself.

Our Email Marketing packages

Starter Plan

For businesses looking to get started with email marketing.



Growth Plan

For growing businesses looking to get a leg up in their market.



Comprehensive Plan

For established businesses with large contact databases.



Not sure which plan is right for you? Contact us today for a free consultation!

Why work with us

Every brand is different and yours is no exception. We analyse your customer’s buying journey and design a campaign with your product, target audience, competitors and business goals in mind.

Your business deserves the full attention from one of our talented email marketers. When you work with us, you’ll be given a dedicated campaign manager for you to directly work together with.

Our team of designers and writers create visually appealing emails and write compelling copy which communicate your messages and offers to your audience.

We’re not in the business of tying our clients down with contracts or exit fees. That’s because we’re confident in our ability to bring you the results that you’re looking for.

Case studies

Case studies

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! There’s a reason why email marketing is still widely used to this day, despite the introduction of social media and PPC marketing. Email marketing builds upon your audience’s trust and converts them into buying customers. When done well,  email marketing can produce outstanding results.

The success of our email marketing campaign is based on the goals you have set, but we mainly measure the amount of new subscribers, the increase in open and click through rates, as well as conversions.

Yes! We are more than happy to answer all your questions and help you pick the right plan for you and your business.

Yes! Just let us know if you want to change your plans, we’ll happily cater to your brand new objectives.

Yes, we have no lock-in contracts or exit fees.

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