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A smooth website with even smoother SEO for an e-cigarette company.

Case Study Overview

Case Study Snapshot

  • RELX is an e-cigarette and vape brand based in Australia. They provide customers with high quality vapes with unique flavours, along with accessories such as chargers.
  • They approached our team at ZipZipe to help bolster their vape sales, a figure that started to stagnate due to an increase in competition in the Australian market.
  • We created a brand new website for RELX that mirrored their smooth and sleek branding. We also created SEO content to help bring more organic traffic to this new website.
  • Instagram result https://www.instagram.com/relxnowaustralia/
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The Challenge

Rising above the pack in an increasingly competitive market.

The e-cigarette and vape market is incredibly saturated, with many brands all jostling for market space. One of Australia’s premier e-cigarette brands was looking to consolidate its strong position amongst its competitors with not only a new website but a comprehensive SEO campaign as well that would attract consistent, high quality traffic to their online channels.

The Solution

01. Web design

Generating maximum results with a fresh website and smooth SEO.

We rehauled their website, trading their old, clunky designs for a sleek layout that matched the smoothness of RELX’s vapes. Clean designs, bold colours and vivid images and writing were all implemented to invoke an image of smooth coolness.

Our SEO efforts all started with the creation of their brand new website. Amongst the updated visuals and sales copy, we inserted SEO copy into the fabric of their website. This SEO copy contained a host of relevant keywords to help the website rank better on Google’s Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). The copy was written to fulfil its SEO purposes but still remain valuable to human readers.

The website’s backend was also optimised to further push the website up the SERPs. Loading times were shortened, errors and bugs were stamped out and a smooth UI/UX was emphasised on every single page of the website.

We also created a blog page on their website and filled it with SEO content that provided value to both readers and search engines. Each blog post was thoroughly researched beforehand, ensuring target keywords were viable and appropriately incorporated within the body of each post.

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02. SEO

Then implemented a comprehensive SEO strategy to take Relx to the top.

Our combined efforts of both On-Page SEO and Technical SEO resulted in a large increase of both the organic traffic and organic keywords ranked for our client’s website. Our client saw an increase of 450% in organic traffic within 12 months and an increase of 1744% of organic keywords ranked in the top 100.

Organic keywords. Source: ahrefs
Organic traffic. Source: ahrefs

03. Social Media

laser targeting and compelling content towards targeted audience

Finally, we took full ownership of their Instagram profile, creating content, deciding on posting times and hashtags, in order to create a new presence on social media and bolster their overall digital marketing efforts.

Case Study Wrap Up

Sleek web design and SEO that actually brings in record results.

With our help, our client managed to reinforce their position at the top of the disposable e-cigarette and vape market, beating both their existing and new competitors. Want us to help your business attract more organic traffic like we did for this client? Get in touch with us today and see what we can do for you!

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