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The Challenge

Finding a unique identity in a market as competitive as fashion is something significant for brands that not only want to sell products but thrive and create a lasting image and reputation. Evzo asked us to help them grow their brand of fashionable yet comfortable officewear for women and cut through the noise of their competitors. They also asked us to help reinforce their branding with an eCommerce website that harmonises with the elegance of their products.


Since they were a new business without a strategy, we first created a clear and thorough plan for creating the ideal identity that would appeal to their target audience. And using their website as a core part of the strategy, we set our sights on redesigning it so that customers would be able to easily understand their offering and emphasise the elegant, French-inspired style of their clothing through visual storytelling.

In redesigning their eCommerce website, we first focused on creating a layout that made it easy for site visitors to browse and window shop their products. With their product images, we organised a photo shooting session with a core theme of consistency whilst representing the elegant and professional nature of the clothing. To make it easy for them, we also gave clear instructions for the models and makeup to be as similar as possible.

The end result was a fresh and visually appealing brand image for the client, with an eCommerce site that now bolstered their personality of being the elegant, high-end, minimal and french-inspired officewear brand they always were. Our team was also able to give their website a similar high-end feel that is usually only found with luxury designer brands by using consistent product images with models that had consistent aesthetics.

The Solution

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