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The Challenge

Pro Aqua’s vacuum cleaner is the first of its kind, using the power of water to clean homes. The challenge of a unique and new product is being able to effectively communicate how it works and why visitors need it. That was the key thing our web designers had in mind when crafting their brand new website.

The Solution

In order to help potential customers understand exactly what the Pro Aqua is capable of and how it works, our team put significant emphasis on simplicity, a concept that we incorporated into all aspects of the website; from layout, style and writing.

We used a minimalistic design with large areas of white space to prevent information overload and to also help visitors focus on the most important things on the page. Images were chosen to help visitors visualise the vacuum and what it would look like in action.

A light colour palette that featured white and blue also contributed to a clean, simple style, while also highlighting the innovativeness and hydro-powered features of the Pro Aqua.

To also effectively deliver information, the website’s copywriting was also specifically written to provide detail about the Pro Aqua’s features while not being too jargon-filled and confusing. Language was kept simple and put large focus on the outcomes and what customers would be able to achieve with the Pro Aqua.

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