Car Accessories Business

Car accessories business
Website Design
The Challenge

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The Problem

Car accessories business, Seven Smart Auto, install new body kits, car alarms, stereo systems and decals on cars. They came to us looking for a slick, new website that matched the high-end vehicles they worked on. The task included a complete, comprehensive rehaul of their old website – everything from their homepage to their FAQ page. It was a makeover we were stoked to get started on.

The Solution

Taking inspiration from the design of high-end car brands as well as the ‘fast and furious’ themes of driving culture, we got to work selecting fonts,  colours and graphics that embodied a luxurious and exciting driving experience. By combining it with persuasive yet informative copy, and a simple, visual-heavy layout we were able to create a website that looked and ran like a luxurious car.

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