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Full marketing management for a global furniture company

Case Study Overview

Case Study Snapshot

  • OSIM UK is the leading European retailer of home living furniture products such as massage chairs, air purifiers and desk chairs.
  • As a large company with a global brand name, they approached us in 2019 to help bring together their overall digital marketing strategy and consolidate their place as one of Europe’s biggest home living retailers.
  • Our management of all aspects of OSIM UK’s digital marketing efforts – including web design, SEO, Google Ads and email marketing – helped increase organic traffic to their website by over 1287% and helped the company navigate through an unexpected global pandemic.
Join in on the success!

Give us 30 minutes of your time and we’ll show you how we can deliver results that move your business forward.

Join in on the success!

Give us 30 minutes of your time and we’ll show you how we can deliver results that move your business forward.

The Challenge

How to bring together a scattered and fractured digital marketing strategy.

There’s a lot to love about being a large brand including a recognisable brand image, higher sales and larger profits. However, it also poses the risk of ‘getting too big’ where overall strategies become fragmented and become harder and harder to manage. OSIM UK came to us in search of a fully integrated digital marketing strategy that combined different channels under a unified, consolidated umbrella.

The Solution

01. Web design

We laid down the foundation for an integrated strategy with a new website.

In order to bring together OSIM UK’s different digital marketing channels, it needed a solid digital platform to link them together. In other words, OSIM UK needed a brand new website.

Our team of web designers and web developers crafted a new website with a large focus on simplicity and strong User Experience (UX). The website was also built with mobile compatibility in mind.

As the final destination for the rest of our digital marketing strategy, the website also needed to be 100% functional 24/7. As such, we designed it to be technically sound, free from bugs, 404 errors and slow loading times. By fixing the technical issues of the site, it also allowed us to implement another important strategy: SEO.

high sales conversion homepage design example
Get the same amazing results.

We’ll show you exactly how we can do it for your brand. Get your free consultation with one of our experts today!

Get the same amazing results.

We’ll show you exactly how we can do it for your brand. Get your free consultation with one of our experts today!

02. SEO

Then implemented a comprehensive SEO strategy to take OSIM UK to the top.

The European furniture retailing industry is an incredibly large and competitive market, and in order to stand out, OSIM UK needed top-tier SEO to increase their visibility on search engine result pages (SERPs).

To do this, we implemented over 30 new pages on their new website solely for the purpose of SEO. These pages contained unique page copy specifically written for SEO, using local and relevant keywords. We also restructured the URLs for each page and ensured that each page had appropriate title tags and meta descriptions.

At ZipZipe, we put great emphasis on continuous growth. To unlock this for our client, we implemented an ongoing blog strategy that would continue to bring in organic traffic for years to come. Blogs were produced weekly, with each revolving around both broad and long tail keywords that were relevant to their audience and would give us the biggest chance to quickly increase the brand’s rankings on Google.

Our SEO work generated an incredible increase of over 1287% in organic traffic to their website and more than 460 organic keywords ranked on the first page of Google. We also helped OSIM UK take the #1 spot for the search term ‘massage chairs’ for over 3 straight years.

seo result

03. Email Marketing

We then took over their email marketing.

Email is still a powerful marketing tool to this day, and we recognised that OSIM UK wasn’t using it to its full capabilities. We began by creating key email automations such as an abandoned cart campaign to re-engage lost customers and a lead nurture campaign to move customers down the buying journey. We also created visually appealing emails for their special promotions and deals, complete with bespoke images and sales copy.

These email campaigns boasted an average open rate of 37% and an average conversion rate of 5.5%. Every button and image on the email would lead to the client’s brand new website, another example of how we focused on an overall strategy that features different channels working together.

04. PPC Campaign

And boosted their search ad campaigns with laser targeting and compelling content.

The final digital marketing channel that needed addressing was Google Ads. OSIM UK’s current campaign had little cohesion and a lack of a direct message or destination.

Our team took a new approach, creating content focused on a specific message such as a limited time promotion or a new product launch. These ads were made to be consistent, featuring the same visuals and imagery despite them being made in a range of different ad sizes and formats. This worked to reinforce brand recognition and encourage remarketing tactics.

Furthermore, each ad, regardless of its placement, would all lead to the same destination: the OSIM UK website, which had been specifically reworked to turn visitors into customers.

The paid search ad campaign we implemented, especially that on Facebook, worked to great effect with OSIM UK enjoying a 20:1 Return on Ad Spend.

Case Study Wrap Up

Proof that a fully integrated digital marketing strategy works.

We helped one of the biggest home furniture and appliance brands in the world get seen by more people, ultimately bringing more traffic and leads to their website, even in the midst of a global pandemic. Our belief that a fully integrated marketing strategy garners the best results shone through with our time working with OSIM UK, a partnership that we’re proud to say is still succeeding today!

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