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From hidden oasis to uncovered paradise.

Case Study Overview

Case Study Snapshot

  • Saga Bar is one of Sydney’s hidden nightlife gems, priding itself on its tropical, Southeast Asian-inspired interior design and fantastical cocktails.
  • Its status as a hidden oasis however, reduced its visibility online, thus limiting its ability to attract customers on a nightly basis. They approached us to fix that problem.
  • Our work on their website, social media and Google Ads shone a light on the bar, increasing their digital presence and bringing in more customers through their mysterious doors.
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The Challenge

A hidden nightlife hotspot that had become a little too hard to find.

Our client had long been a hidden oasis in Sydney’s nightlife scene. While this reputation as a mysterious bar provides some allure, Sage bar struggled to appeal to the wider audience. They looked to refresh and revitalise their website to attract more visitors to the sultry doors of their bar and restaurant. They also entrusted us to create a social media Influencer campaign that increased their digital presence, and would generate more bookings and reservations for their recently refurbished bar.

The Solution

01. Web design

We built a website that looked just as good as the bar itself.

With eyes on the treasure, we went to work on creating a website that embraced the mystery, luxury and magic that the bar prided itself on. Taking inspiration from South East Asian, Indian and Middle Eastern cultures, we combined colour, layout and copied to create an aesthetic that brought together the best of these exotic regions into one unforgettable establishment.

We also made sure that the website was smooth and easy to navigate. Visitors would be able to find necessary information such as menus, opening hours and reservation pages, as easily as possible. The backend of the website was also taken care of: loading times were cut down, and errors and bugs were solved.

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02. Social Media

Spreading the word with social media content and Influencers.

We then employed a paid social media ad campaign to help improve our client’s reach and increase traffic to the new website. We conducted market research to target the best audiences before creating bespoke content and developing Facebook and Instagram Ad campaigns with a range of different goals and objectives such as reach, engagement and lead generation.

To further drive awareness, we worked with noted Instagram Influencers, from micro-influencers to those with large followings – asking them to visit the bar and create content about their experience there. Our work with our influencers created buzz amongst their communities, drawing attention to the Saga Bar. This content would then be promoted on our client’s own Instagram profiles.

03. PPC Campaign

Shining a light on Saga Bar with compelling search ads.

The final strategy we implemented was Google Ads. Google Ads in a wide variety of sizes and placements showcased the experience of visiting the bar, including its interior design, and its food and drink offering. The ads also invited users to click and learn more. Each ad led to a reservations landing page where users would be able to make a booking. Additionally, we placed relevant ads on YouTube in the form of video advertisements and banner ads for further exposure.

Case Study Wrap Up

Reaping the rewards of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

Thanks to our combined digital marketing efforts and the teamwork between our digital marketers and our client, our bar client experienced incredible growth and successfully navigated a turbulent COVID-affected period of time. Our Influencer campaign alongside the high quality content we created for their social media profiles led to local buzz and hype which brought in more customers and patrons for our client.

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