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Creating a clothing brand that exudes confidence and style.

Case Study Overview

Case Study Snapshot

  • Cosoosoo is a newcomer to the women’s clothing industry, specialising in shapewear and fitness clothing.
  • They reached out to us to help develop their brand including their logo, style and tone of voice. They also asked us to increase their brand awareness once launched.
  • We developed a brand with a focus on confidence and empowerment to help connect to their female audience. We also created a new website for Cosoosoo before advertising it with a  Google Ads campaign designed to not only increase traffic, but conversions as well.
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The Challenge

Figuring out the elements needed for a successful brand launch.

Creating a brand from the ground up is a daunting yet exciting task. This was exactly the case when we helped create Cosoosoo, a brand new clothing company that specialises in women’s clothing and inner wear. Starting from scratch, we got to work to create a brand that exuded the same confidence and assurance as their shapewear products.

To further help Cosoosoo get off the ground, we focused on three things: creating a brand voice and style, crafting a modern website with newly produced photos and video content, and developing highly targeted Google Ads.

The Solution

01. Branding Design

Putting in the work to develop a confident brand identity.

We began by creating a brand style that embodied confidence and elegance. This included designing a new logo and typography, and selecting an appropriate colour scheme. We leaned on colours such as beige and tan to create a simple yet striking colour palette. We also created slogans and marketing copy that delivered Cosoosoo’s message: ‘clothing made to build confidence’. Tone of voice was also established to reflect the same concepts of confidence (with touches of sass for a bit of flair!).

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02. Web Design

Developing a website to reflect Cosoosoo’s newly established brand image.

Once a brand style was established, we moved onto building a modern eCommerce website for Cosoosoo with a focus on UX and responsive design. Pages were filled with informative product copy which concisely outlined Cosoosoo’s shapewear offering.

We also shot brand new photo and video content with professional photographers and established models to use in our website. These photos helped customers understand and visualise what they were truly buying.

03. PPC Campaign

Using Google Ads to spread the word and increase conversions.

To help bring traffic to Cosoosoo’s new website, we turned to the power of Google Ads. Our Google Ads campaign for our client focused on targeting only the most relevant audience. Some of the targeting metrics we selected included women with interests in fitness or fashion. We created several different variations of Ads (with differing ad copy or images) which allowed us to test them and determine which Ads brought in the most results.

Our optimisations and updates significantly improved their conversion rates. See the below result.

Case Study Wrap Up

A digital marketing strategy that you can take full confidence in.

Our work with Cosoosoo has allowed them to successfully launch their shapewear business, even in the midst of high competition and a post-pandemic period. Our focus on ongoing optimisation and progress over perfection has garnered results Cosoosoo won’t see with anyone else!

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